Some of my upcoming photo projects, repairs and mods.
New project concept: I will restore a vintage camera & find a suitable location, model and film to shoot and create images in that style. If you're interested in being a part of that project please contact me in the form below. Ottawa / capital region only.
Thank you!
ZENIT-E SLR with 28mm Makinon
Another used treasure. Tons of these were made in Russia.  The meters generally don't work anymore, but this beauty came with a full leather body case in great condition. A good cleaning is all it needed. I'll replace the light seals soon.
Agfamatic II with 45mm Apotar lens
Found in a church yard sale. Was loaded with Kodak Plus-X film. I shot the roll and the images turned out ok considering the film was decades old. A simple clean up the camera and is good to go.
I love the film counter on the bottom.

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